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Types of pest control you can get

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Commercial and Retail Pest Control

Pest infestations will cause you to lose time, harm your reputation, bring down your team's morale, and cause damage to your valuable equipment.


Whether your store is being infested by insects, rodents or anything else, you can rely on Aksarben Pest Control to get rid of it.


The solution to your commercial pest problem is here. Contact us.


Institutional Pest Control

Whether you run a school, university, hospital or other public access institution, you need a specialized pest management program.


Key elements of institutional pest management program should include:


• Safety and advanced non-chemical Integrated Pest

• Management program development

• Environment services (i.e. laboratories, libraries)

• Security, including student residences and daycare

• Food services

• Communication skills and reporting


Industrial Pest Control

Whether you run a steel, chemical, transportation, food, manufacturing or other type of plant, you can count on Aksarben Pest Control to keep pests away from your facilities.


You'll receive a custom service package to meet the needs and challenges of your specific environment.


We know that your production comes first. Because of this, you'll get support from us that ensures that pests and other environmental hazards don't compromise quality or productivity.


For more information about the industrial programs you can take advantage of, contact us and speak directly with one of our staff.


Residential Pest Control

Your home belongs to you and your family, not pests. Unfortunately, your biggest investment – your home – can be subject to unwanted invasions.


In addition to being forced to share your home with unwelcomed guests, pest infestations will cause health problems and dangerous allergic reactions.


From inspection and identification to final treatment, the service you get from Aksarben Pest Control is guaranteed to get you a quick resolution to a pest problem in your home.

• Premium business service

• No contract is required

• Price matching guarantee

• Flexible schedule

• Certified workmanship

All contracted services that you get are fully warrantied!

Quality Pest Control Services

Aksarben Pest Control provides a variety of services for you. All our contracted programs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can count on us to match any competitor's offer.

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