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As the weather gets colder, mice will start trying to take over your warm, cozy home.


There are several products that you can use for DIY mouse infestation treatment. However, while over-the-counter products can help reduce the number of mice, they won't totally eradicate the pest. As such, the population will eventually regenerate.


The best way to handle a mouse infestation is with professional products and approaches. You can get affordable, reliable mice control services that you need from Aksarben Pest Control. If you think that there might be a mouse infestation in your home, call us.


You can also count on our friendly professionals to mouse-proof your home to prevent those pesky rodents from getting into your home ever again.

Why you need full rodent control ASAP

The risks of a mouse infestation

Mice carry diseases that can be transferred to humans. They are also very unclean, and can cause an unpleasant odor in your home. Mice also chew through electrical wires, creating a major fire hazard.


How to spot a mouse problem

You'll need to ensure that you're actually dealing with a mouse problem. This will guarantee that your pest control experts are prepared to eliminate the right type of pest. Fortunately, you can identify a mouse infestation before you actually see a rodent. 


Signs of a mouse problem:

• Small droppings

• Small bite marks on items

• Shredded paper or similar materials

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