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Facts about liquid termiticides

In order to better understand how liquid termiticides will affect your home, let's take a look at some advantages and disadvantages that they have.



• Can be relatively inexpensive

• Lasts multiple years

• There will be no barrier gaps

• Fastest termite control treatment available



• Later entry points for termites may exist

• Water contamination can be a concern

• Drilling into concrete may be required

Thorough Termite Control Service

Termites will literally destroy your home. Prevent them from doing this by using the services provided by Aksarben Pest Control. You'll get the best approach to termite removal, including a specialized termite barrier treatment.


Termite barrier treatment controls subterranean termites by applying a liquid termiticide around and beneath your home. This kills termites in the area and keeps other termites from getting into your home.


We do use Termidor HE


Even the sturdiest termite barrier can be damaged over time. So additional treatment may be required in the future.


To kill any termites that may get into your home before and after treatment, newer liquid treatments like the Termidor, Phantom®, and Premise termiticide and insecticide will kill termites foraging inside of your treatment zone.


As an added benefit, the insecticide will allow the affected termites to survive long enough to spread the termiticide to the rest of their colony outside of the treatment zone.


In some cases, your termite removal experts may recommend barrier treatments that can be used with bait systems.

This ensures the best results!

Professional service

You need a custom solution

Many treatment options

Eradicate your termite infestation with thorough service from Aksarben Pest Control!

All contracted services that you get are fully warrantied!

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Guaranteed service

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