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The pest control services that you can get from Aksarben Pest Control don’t stop at bugs. You can count on us to get rid of rodents and other animals that are causing problems at your home or business.


Only licensed and trained professionals can access and safely apply the powerful poisons and rodent traps that you need for total pest control. If you’re serious about getting rid of an animal infestation, contact us. You can count on us to eliminate anything!

Service to totally eradicate an infestation

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Are you hearing noises in your attic? It could be mice or bats. Have you noticed dying plants and raised tunnels in your yard? It’s likely a mole or a vole making its home in your lawn. Regardless of what it is, you can count on us to get rid of it.


Your animal problem will only grow worse, getting closer and closer to where you live, eat, and sleep until the problem is properly addressed by pest control professionals.


You can count on Aksarben Pest Control to restore your comfort and peace of mind. Our services cover any animal infesting your home, including the following:


• Moles

• Groundhogs

• Woodchucks

• Birds

• Skunks

• Opossums

• Mice

• Rats

• Bats

• Raccoons

• Voles

• And more!


Living with an infestation of rodents or other pests puts your family and home at risk.


Contact the animal control experts at Aksarben Pest Control for same day service!

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Get rid of anything, including bats, birds, raccoons, groundhogs, and more!

All contracted services that you get are fully warrantied!

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